Treatment Site

September on Site:

One of the August fires lit by an arsonist in  Stanley Park  was right by our site- the tree on the eastern edge of our work zone. I noticed yesterday several small new ivy leaves shooting up from the scorched earth. Interesting that ivy was pulled a few years ago and has not been visibly very present at the site since- but is one of the first new growths after a fire. A sign of what people are up against trying to get rid of ivy in the park.The tree is alive, but seems to have suffered- some of the exposed root base that had grown on a nurse log is quite blackened and charred. The surrounding Salmon berry is also damaged.

 tree damaged by arsonSept 09 053

All of the ivy is woven or crocheted now, and our last installation workshop is just a week away. We will tie forms together and stuff some with the giant maple leaves that are falling- will be interesting to see how these age and rot inside the crocheted “tubes.” The intention now is to create some burrowing chambers and possible protection for small animals. As this is located right beside a major pathway, I suspect we will not get many residents, but time will tell.

first nest in treebird nest colony

Site History:

This location was chosen because of past “infestation” of Ivy. Ivy has been pulled from this site three times in the last two years, and is relatively neutral as a testing ground, though some ivy is still present. A control site will also be chosen and monitored where ivy has not been present.

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