This is the second bicycle  “off-ramp”  after the children’s water park near Lumberman’s arch. I recommend bikes as the fastest way to reach the site, we are up the ramp and about 50 ft along the path off ramp from seawalltop of the rampinstallation site on left


2 responses to “FIND US!

  1. David Morgan

    I spent time some of you folks when you visited the “No Ivy League” here in Portland a few years ago. As you probably know, Sandy Diedrich the director of our program died a couple of years ago. Since then our city parks department has basically continued the program in name only.

    I’m going to be in Vancouver in early Oct., so I’m curious to find out how your program is doing. Let me know if it would make sense to visit with you.

    David Morgan
    Portland State University

    • sharonkallis

      Hi David, I forwarded your comment directly to Greg Ferguson who runs the Ivy Busters programs. best regards, Sharon

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