The Ivy Tree

Saturday March 28th will be our first day working on creating an artificial nurse log. Nurse logs are also called “course woody debris”, and are trees that have fallen down, but still play a huge part of the ecology of the forest, decomposing, hosting seedlings that fall from other trees, providing nutrients to the soil and seedlings, as well as all of the animals that find shelter in the rotting wood.
By using a technique called corking or spool knitting, we will crochet rings of various sizes that can be joined together, and eventually make the shape of a large tree. The crocheted, tree-shaped form will be dried out ( to ensure the ivy is dead), stuffed with mulch from the park, and left on site at the paths edge. Some seedlings may be planted in the sides of the form, a smaller “nurse log” will be made for our control site.


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2 responses to “The Ivy Tree

  1. Joey

    This is fantastic, exciting work, Sharon!

    • sharonkallis

      We are certainly having fun Joey, quite exciting to see what comes of it all-Look forward to you coming out and joining us one day!

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